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Lost/Alias: 5-11-05 SPOILERS [May. 11th, 2005|10:08 pm]


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Yep, kicking off the new group with some reviews of some popular shows, and ones I personally love.

I tend to write pretty stream-of-conciousness reviews as things come to me and turn up on the shows, so this is likely very disjointed and off the top of my head.

LOST: Interesting. Was that the first time they started off NOT on the island? Was a little jarring at first, seeing a car driving around, first thing. I liked bringing up monsoon season. It's definitely a concern they should be worrying about, and is a nice touch to bring into the series.

Ahh, the adventures of Mary Sue...er, Kate continue. I'll admit, I didn't really see the similarities at first, but once it was pointed out, I did start to notice that she does seem to know a lot. And now has sailing experience. And I could've done without another Kate backstory. I don't really mind any of them, I just wish we could see more about the other characters. I get that her and Jack are the two main stars of the ensemble, but there are other characters. How much can you tell about them? Is it such a good idea to tell so much about them? What will we have in a few seasons? And was Kate just sitting in the back of a car with a car alarm, or did I hear wrong?

Walt... Ah, Walt. Little Kid Creepy continues to be just that. Definitely liked him owning up to his little bout of arson, and his insistence that they have to leave. Like I said, creepy.

As for the resolution, and who poisoned Michael...wow, wheels within wheels, huh?

ALIAS: Yay! The return of Arvin Cloane!

I can't help spelling it like that.

Rambaldi monks? Interesting. And behaviour modification in the hands of either Arvin? Bad. Very bad. Nice to see the little touch of the Order's symbol on the Father's hand, as it should be, and yet again we see the mysterious red ball of doooom that's been here and there since the first episodes. It looks like we might finally find out what it is, besides holding deadly water. It looks like it may make people (And bees!) angry.

*grins* And of course, there's an auction with a Rambaldi artificat...Lot 47.

Love the logic of the Cloane that he's the real deal, a nice little sorta Meta comment, and one voiced by the fans.

Also was nice to see Angus Scrimm make a brief return, after his appearances in the first season.

Some people have complained, rightly so in some ways, that this season wasn't as good as the others, and didn't deal with the overall storyline that had been set up over the last three years. This year, Alias was banking on pulling in new people, so they needed to start off the year with a few smaller, slower episodes, self-contained, and action-packed to get the people to stay. For the most part, this planned worked, and this has been one of the better seasons, ratings-wise, that Alias has had. Once they had people hooked, they began reintroducing bits and pieces of the mythology, and moving into larger storyarcs, and reaching back into other seasons for plot points.

This was a very smart way to organise the season, and I've mostly enjoyed it. Yeah, there've been a few dud episodes, but overall I've found this season to be the best one since the first. The character dynamics, the stories, the action, have all been top notch.

Brining back Sloane's wife in a flashback, was also nice. Just a lot of little touches in this episode that came together well. I like seeing Sloane's emotions, and his feelings and vulnerabilities. He is probably one of the most well-realised characters/villains on tv these days, and in a good long while.

This episode was Jennifer Garner's directorial debut. As with most actor's directing their shows, her character was not in much of the episode. As far as the directing goes, I'd have to say she did a pretty good job. Nothing overly special about the style, but definitely quite competent in the job she did, especially for the first time out. Although I wonder if directing Victor Graber is anything like Sydney (Or doctors) trying to get Jack to follow orders. ;)


[User Picture]From: pashoshi
2005-05-12 05:16 am (UTC)
I'm not sure how much of this is the director's choice, but I thought there were a lot of weird close-ups in tonight's Alias. The one when the guy was poisoning himself made it really obvious what was going on and made Dixon and Vaughn look pretty incompetent for not noticing. Then there was another I believe on Clone's mouth (or maybe it was the actual Sloane; I forget) that seemed to have no purpose at all. If that was Jennifer Garner's fault, I'm not terribly impressed. There was also annoying use of the spinny-cam (when they go around and around two people having a conversation). So, it wasn't bad for a directorial debut, but I had some complaints.

As for this episode, it got off to an interesting start (except for the cringeworthy "science"), but I got bored with the Sloane angst after a while. Sloane just frustrates me as a character because the writers can't seem to decide whether they want him to be sympathetic or not. I'm all for three-dimensional characters with good and bad characterstics, but with Sloane it seems more like indecision on the part of the writers than well thought out characterization. I'm sure it doesn't help that they jumped the two years in which he supposedly reformed, but I'm still not convinced by his changes in personality.
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[User Picture]From: foenix
2005-05-12 09:02 am (UTC)
Hmm, pretty good points, actually. I did notice the sugar bit, and that did rather bug me. Nothing else leapt out at me, though, but then again, I was up and about while it was on, so probably missed some of the more egregious bits.

Heehee... Ahhh, "Alias" science. I just accept that Alias' world operates on slightly different rules of science, and strap in for the ride. As long as its internally consistent, I'll gladly just nod and smile and ogle Sydney

As for Sloane, I've liked him more likable this year, overall, since he's more in the group, and we get the oh so glorious snark. I can buy the wavering good/bad stuff, since he was amoral for so long. He's going to have bouts of going between the two extremes. They were pushing the angst a bit towards the end, though, and that again could fall on Garner's skills. I did enjoy what started him down the road towards Rambaldi. A nice addition to his backstory.
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